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Epoxy Flooring

We are one of the leading garage floor epoxy companies in Boise, Idaho with limitless ways to customize the look and function of your garage with industrial-grade epoxy. Our contractors have decades of combined experience installing professional quality garage floor epoxy with superior results you can count on. With our garage epoxy coating service, your dusty, cold garage can be transformed into a bright and clean space perfect for home mechanics and hobbyists. We proudly serve the greater Boise area with garage floor epoxy installation, including Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, and Eagle.



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    Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

    Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

    We use a special multi-stage approach to achieve flawless and long-lasting epoxy results. It all begins with careful preparation of your concrete substrate. Our garage floor epoxy contractors will repair all cracks and damage in your concrete first to ensure smooth results with strong bonding. Shot blasting or diamond grinding may be used to remove surface irregularities and profile the surface of the concrete to help the epoxy resin bond. If you have a previous paint, coating, or sealant on your concrete, it will need to be removed with shot blasting before garage epoxy can be installed. Our contractors will also check if there is any dampness coming up through the concrete floor. Depending on the moisture and humidity, a water mitigation system may be required.
    Following diamond grinding and repairs, we will apply a professional grade primer that helps the epoxy garage floor coating bond with the concrete. Your epoxy garage flooring installer will next apply several coats of industrial grade epoxy to create a durable flooring system. After your chosen base coat, we can add colored or metallic chips that add texture, density, and brilliant color to get the custom look you want. The final step of installation is a clear top coat that creates the glossy finish. If you want a non-slip surface, we will add non-slip additives to this top coat.

    Why Choose Garage Floor Epoxy?

    Homeowners, hobbyists, and home mechanics love garage floor epoxy because it’s a durable and beautiful solution that lasts for a decade or longer. Our garage epoxy coating in Boise, ID creates a completely seamless surface free of joints, cracks, or defects. This surface is the ultimate in low-care flooring that can withstand oil, gasoline, and more. Not sure if installing garage epoxy is a wise investment for your garage? Here are the biggest reasons we love installing epoxy flooring.


    Are you tired of concrete dusting that tracks into your house? Do you envision a clean and pristine garage that you can sweep easily? Our garage floor epoxy in Boise, Idaho is a seamless floor solution without cracks or joints. It’s easy to sweep and mop with nowhere for dust and debris to hide. The hardworking surface also isolates spills so you have time to clean them up and resists stains and damage. Aside from sweeping and mopping, your garage epoxy requires almost no care

    Long Lasting


    It’s a common misconception that epoxy garage floor coatings in Boise, Idaho don’t last long. If you have ever used a DIY epoxy kit, you have probably experienced problems with lifting, poor adhesion, and flaking after just a year or two. Professional garage floor epoxy is very different. Our industrial grade epoxy can last 10-20 years or even longer with minimal care. Our high-quality epoxy combined with careful concrete preparation delivers superior results that last

    Fast Installation

    Fast Installation

    With commercial-grade diamond grinders and decades of combined experience, our garage floor epoxy contractors offer fast epoxy installation that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or longevity. Our epoxy garage flooring installer in Boise can typically finish a garage in just one day, which includes surface preparation. Your floor only needs 5 days to fully cure but you can walk on it after one day.

    Damage Resistant

    Damage Resistant

    No matter what you throw at it, garage epoxy will last without showing its age. Our high-quality garage epoxy in Boise, Idaho is formulated to withstand gasoline, oil, chemicals, abrasion, scratches, heavy loads, and more. It will resist damage from your car and lawnmower with a high-performance surface ideal for working on your car or hobbies.



    How do you envision your new garage? Do you want a glossy high-end finish that looks like a car showroom? Do you want your sports team’s logo or a custom pattern? Do you want a real show-stopper with a metallic epoxy garage floor? No matter what you have in mind, we can make it a reality.

    Garage Epoxy Flooring Services

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    Our Service Areas

    We serve homeowners with durable professional garage floor epoxy installation. Our garage floor epoxy contractors serve the greater Boise area. Our primary service areas include:
    Our Service Areas:
    • Boise
    • Caldwell
    • Nampa
    • Kuna
    • Garden City
    • Meridian
    • Eagle


    Not sure if your garage is a good candidate for an epoxy garage floor coating? Curious about our installation process? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers but please reach out with additional concerns.

    Q:How durable are epoxy garage floors?

    A: Our industrial grade garage epoxy is a high-performance and long-lasting solution that looks great while protecting your concrete floor. Garage epoxy coatings in Boise, Idaho can withstand gas, oil, road salt, moisture, abrasion, and vehicle traffic without showing signs of wear and damage. With minimal care, your new garage floor can easily last 10 to 20 years or longer.

    Q: Will my garage epoxy be slippery?

    A: Professional garage floor epoxy in Boise, Idaho feels much like a basketball court. It offers good traction but it can be very slippery when wet. If you want a non-slip surface, we can easily add skid-resistant additives to the topcoat. This will make your garage epoxy less smooth and ensure it’s safe to walk on, even when it’s wet.

    Q:Can epoxy flooring be applied over existing cracks in the concrete?

    A: No. We will always prepare the concrete surface prior to installation to ensure the epoxy properly adheres to the concrete. If epoxy is applied over existing cracks, they can easily transfer to the epoxy. This means you will not have a flawless smooth surface. Cracks will also prevent adhesion of the epoxy which means premature floor failure. Before applying epoxy, we will fill cracks and repair other types of damage to the concrete. The surface will also be shot blasted or treated with diamond grinding to open microscopic pores.

    Q: Can the epoxy floor be repaired if it cracks?

    A: While not common, an epoxy garage floor coating in Boise can crack. This usually happens with the concrete slab cracks and it telegraphs into the coating. The good news is most cracks in an epoxy floor are very tiny. In fact, you may not even notice them unless you inspect the floor closely. If you choose a decorative coating with a pattern, you may not notice small cracks at all. Tiny cracks in garage epoxy do not need to be fixed and will not hurt your floor’s performance. If your floor develops serious cracks, they are most likely the result of movement in the slab. The old epoxy coating will need to be stripped and a new coating applied.