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Looking for a floor system that’s attractive, easy to maintain, and tough? You can get all that and more with an epoxy floor coating in Boise, ID. Epoxy flooring is beautiful enough for residential use with industrial-grade strength for even high-demand settings like factories, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. Our epoxy flooring contractors are committed to excellence with high-grade 100% solids epoxy products that are formulated to withstand all of the hazards you throw at them without wear and tear, damage, and delamination. We don’t cut corners; our contractors always take the time to repair your concrete substrate and prep the surface with diamond grinding and the right primer to ensure beautiful results that can last 10 to 20 years or even longer.
We serve residential and commercial customers throughout Boise, Idaho with customized epoxy floor systems. Whether you are interested in epoxy flooring in Boise for your garage, basement, or commercial facility, we will help you choose the right product for your needs.



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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    The Many Applications for Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy coatings in Boise, Idaho combine beauty, durability, and longevity with affordable installation cost. This flooring system is well-suited for almost any application from residential to commercial and even industrial. We install specialized formulations for heavy-duty applications like breweries, auto shops, hospitals, institutional facilities, grocery stores, schools, and churches.
    Boise epoxy floors are also becoming increasingly popular for home use. Homeowners appreciate epoxy flooring in Boise because it provides a waterproof, durable, and affordable solution for basement flooring that can even withstand flooding. The most common use for residential epoxy is an epoxy garage floor in Boise. Garage floor epoxy stops concrete dusting permanently and creates a seamless, slip-resistant, bright, and clean surface for your garage that resists everything from hot tire pick up and oil spills to chemical spills and abrasion.

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Boise

    As consumer awareness of epoxy flooring grows, more homeowners and facility managers are opting for this economical yet practical floor system to protect, strengthen, and beautify concrete floors. Our epoxy contractors in Boise, ID have years of experience installing industrial-grade epoxy floor systems with a dedication to superior results. Here are some of the biggest benefits to consider when deciding if epoxy flooring is the right investment for your home or business.
    Garage Epoxy Floors


    Want a floor that can take a beating without showing wear and tear? It’s hard to beat epoxy flooring in Boise.

    We install professional garage floor epoxy that meets the demands of even the harshest commercial environments.

    Road salt, gasoline, oil, abrasion, hot tires, dropped tools, and more pose little risk to your floor.

    Residential Metallic Epoxy Floor


    You want an attractive and affordable floor system but you certainly don’t want to waste your money replacing it not too far down the road.

    Our epoxy flooring contractors in Boise deliver professional and long-lasting results with durable floors that can last.

    Epoxy Flooring


    An epoxy floor coating isn’t just long-lasting and durable: it’s also easy to keep your floor looking and performing its best. Unlike other commercial floor systems, it doesn’t need to be waxed or polished. It also outperforms other traditional home floor systems without the need for special cleaning products or precautions. Simply sweep, mop, or even power wash your epoxy flooring if you choose a cove base. Epoxy is completely nonporous and seamless for the easiest cleanup possible.

    Marble Epoxy

    Custom Designs

    It’s easy to get the precise look you want with epoxy flooring in Boise, ID. Our epoxy flooring contractors can give you the solid, high-gloss color of a car showroom or colorful granite flake epoxy to add extra visual interest and texture. We can design a custom epoxy floor coating with your choice of patterns, logos, and effects such as metallic checkerboard or flowing shapes. If you want the “wow” factor of a 3D effect with depth and movement, a metallic garage floor epoxy coating may be what you’re looking for to achieve the look of tanned leather, marble, molten metal, and much more.

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    1-2 Day Installation

    Want to give your garage or other space an update without the wait? Our trained, experienced epoxy contractors use specialized diamond grinding equipment to prep your concrete before applying the right primer and an epoxy concrete coating customized to your needs. An epoxy garage floor coating can typically be installed in just one day with a few days for a full cure you can drive on. We can also install an epoxy floor coating for commercial settings with minimal downtime by working around your schedule and using fast-cure products.

    Epoxy Flooring Services

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