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Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

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Garage Floor Installers

Your garage may be dusty and neglected now but it doesn’t need to stay that way. Our Boise epoxy garage floor installers can transform your garage from a messy storage space into a bright, colorful, and welcoming space you’ll love to show off. Garage epoxy doesn’t just take your garage to a new level: it can also improve your home’s value with a great return on your investment.
Garage epoxy flooring is an economical floor system that can give your garage a completely fresh look in just one or two days. Our epoxy garage floor installers take the time to repair your concrete floor and diamond grind the surface to remove irregularities, open the concrete’s pores, and profile the surface for a strong bond. We only use high-grade garage epoxy products to ensure long-lasting results with a floor that can last up to 20 years with minimal care. Best of all, we have the experience and expertise to create any design you want from sophisticated 3D metallic garage floor epoxy and flake epoxy to custom patterns and designs.



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    Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

    Envision Your New Garage

    How do you see your garage? Do you view it as little more than a dusty place to park your car and hide from the neighbors? Imagine opening your garage door and seeing something different: a bright, clean room ready to become anything you want. Whether you plan to use your garage primarily for parking your car and want to protect the concrete from stains or you have bigger plans, a garage epoxy coating can deliver.
    With the right floor system, your garage can become so much more than a disorganized storage space and a place to park your car. Garage floor epoxy in Boise, Idaho creates a seamless, nonporous, and ultra-durable surface that withstands road salt, gas and oil spills, and much more to keep your garage clean and bright. Your garage can be transformed into a personal workshop for woodworking or it can be a bright space for a yoga studio, gym, or playing piano. It can be a private bar or man cave or even a craft room.

    Benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring in Boise

    Garage epoxy is rapidly growing in popularity as more consumers become aware of the option. Our epoxy garage floor installers in Boise, ID use only the best garage floor epoxy coating products to deliver superior results that stand the test of time. If you aren’t sure yet if garage epoxy is a smart investment for your home, here’s what you can expect.
    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Long Life

    DIY garage epoxy kits only last a year or two but our epoxy garage floor installers deliver durable epoxy systems that can last 10-20+ years with little care. This longevity is the result of concrete repairs, diamond grinding, a strong primer, and industrial-grade 100% solids epoxy that can withstand heavy use and abuse.

    Garage Floor Epoxy Boise

    Resists Damage

    It’s not enough for garage epoxy flooring to look good: it also needs to perform well. The good news is professional garage floor epoxy is formulated to withstand anything you can throw at it. Lawnmowers, hot tires, abrasion, gas and oil spills, and water don’t stand a chance of hurting your high-performance epoxy floor system.

    Garage Epoxy

    Fast Installation

    Ready to see a brand-new garage? It only takes a day or two. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Boise, ID use commercial-grade diamond grinding equipment to prepare your concrete before applying a quality primer and epoxy coating. We usually finish garage epoxy installation in one day then you only need to wait a few days for a full cure that you can drive on.

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

    Low Maintenance

    Durable, affordable, and attractive: what more can you ask for? A floor system that’s easy to maintain. Garage floor epoxy maintains its bright and clean appearance and flawless performance without much work. It can be swept and mopped as needed and even power washed with a cove base. It’s ultra resistant to stains and damage and never requires special cleaning products or waxing. Every 5-8 years or so you may need a new topcoat to keep the floor looking its best but not much beyond that.

    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

    Decorative Designs

    Did you know garage epoxy is one of the most customizable floor systems you can choose? You can get the look of a car showroom with a bright, high-gloss color like fire engine red, crisp white, or charcoal or you can get a multi-color effect with epoxy flake flooring. We can create custom patterns and designs, such as checkerboard, stripes, and even sports logos. For a real “wow” factor, we can design and install a beautiful metallic garage floor epoxy coating that has a 3D effect like molten metal, a shimmering lake, marble, and more.

    Garage Epoxy Flooring Services

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