How To Maintain Your Epoxy Flooring System

So you have made the wise investment and have taken the leap into the amazing world of epoxy flooring. All that you need to do in order to make sure that your flooring stays performing at peak levels and reaches its full lifespan. Lucky for you, all that you need to do that make sure of this is a simple routine of maintenance. While this may be simple, it is completely necessary to how long the epoxy flooring is going to last so make sure that you never put it off or forget about it. It is critical that low traffic areas be maintained at least once a week and high traffic areas are maintained daily.

The first step of the process is the removal of all loose debris or foreign objects such as dirt and dust. For larger objects, simply pick them off the floor, but for little scraps, dirt, or dust use a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to clean the surface of the epoxy flooring. Never use a stiff bristle broom as they tend to be less efficient at removing these tiny specs of dirt and they can even cause scratches in the surface of the epoxy flooring that will be seen when a light is shown on the flooring. Once you are sure all foreign objects are removed from the flooring, you may begin the next step of the process.

The next step of maintaining an epoxy flooring system only requires one tool, a standard wet mop. When mopping the flooring, make sure you don’t overwork an area too much as this can cause the top coat of the epoxy to become dull and lose its glossy finish. Another thing you must be wary of when mopping the epoxy flooring system is the use of cleaning agents. We will always advise against the use of cleaning agents before they are tested on the epoxy flooring. To test the cleaner, mask off a tiny area of the flooring in an area that is either going to be covered or in a corner of the room. Once the chemical is applied, let it sit for five minutes before removing the chemical from the floor. If nothing happens, you are good to go but, don’t use the cleaner if it turns the top coat of the epoxy cloudy, it will destroy the flooring.

If you have epoxy flooring in an area such as the garage, you can actually use a standard hose or a garden hose to clean the epoxy flooring if it has become heavily soiled but there are some rules if you want to use this process. When using the hose, make sure you never let the water stream stay focused on an area for too long as it can buckle the flooring, so always make sure that the water stays constantly moving. Another risk there is when using the hose is the temperature of the water, always make sure that the water coming out of the hose is always under 115 degrees. And just like that, you are on the way to a long lasting flooring system.